Bar-Ilan University does not allow financial need to stand in the way of educating the next generation. By providing financial assistance and academic incentive scholarships, BIU is able to attract the finest and the brightest minds to its labs and research facilities, where discoveries are made and applied in communities across the globe.

Bar-Ilan University provides scholarships to qualifying students on the undergraduate, graduate and post graduate levels. Funding is provided to new immigrants, students with learning and other disabilities, gifted students, and those who have served the State of Israel, as in active combat duty reservists of the Israel Defense Forces.

As never before, the demand for scholarship assistance is needed to continue the remarkable work of those preparing to face societal and employment challenges, helping prepare them to be meaningful contributors no matter when they choose to live. By funding a scholarship for a BIU student, you will:

  • Provide them with a world-class education that integrates cherished Jewish values.
  • Maintain Israel’s qualitative edge in the high-tech global economy. 
  • Nurture the leaders who find creative solutions to the complex social and political problems facing the country and the world.

Canadian Friends of Bar-Ilan University offer several options for you to support these remarkable students.

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Undergraduate Scholarships

Bar-Ilan University offers a vast variety of BA and BSc study tracks, with many full degree programs taught in English as well as Hebrew.  More than 3,500 undergraduates enter Bar-Ilan each year beginning their academic journey to earn a BA or BSc. As Israeli students serve in the IDF prior to entering Bar-Ilan, many students face greater financial and life challenges than their counterparts from around the world.

A gift of $5,000 will sponsor an Undergraduate Student’s tuition for one year.

Graduate Faculty of Sciences Scholarship

In addition to providing its students with a rich scientific background, the Faculty also aspires to challenge them, spark their imagination, and cultivate their intellectual and cultural evolvement so they can go on to become socially conscience, responsible scientists, researchers and teachers.

Scholarships are granted to students so that they can focus on their attention on their studies rather than divide their time between their research and part-time work.

A gift of $25,000 will sponsor a Master’s Student’s tuition for one year of a two-year program.

Doctoral Fellowships of Excellence

One of Bar-Ilan University’s highest priorities is to provide advanced training for the future leaders of Israel’s government, economy, technology, defense establishment, educational system, and society.

Bar-Ilan University recognizes that doctoral students are critical to the expansion and enrichment of Israel’s intellectual infrastructure.

In 1999, BIU introduced a Doctoral Fellowship of Excellence Program, a model which has been replicated across the higher education spectrum.

BIU is committed to training new generations of world-class scholars and scientists in disciplines ranging from physics to Talmud; economics to music; and law to life science, who will comprise the future core from which Israeli academia, research, and leadership will be drawn.

A gift of $30,000 will sponsor a PhD Student, or Post Doctoral Researcher for one year.

Impacting Tomorrow, Today.

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