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Bar-Ilan applies cutting-edge technology and the latest medical techniques to help people from all walks of life heal from physical and mental trauma.  

A key focus for Bar-Ilan students and researchers is improving the quality of life for all. Whether it is discovering new ways to conquer disease, innovating treatment for mental health or applying new techniques to medical care, BIU is focused on helping people overcome all health challenges.

Anchored by the Azrieli Faculty of Medicine, BIU departments in medicine, life sciences, and social sciences together are reaching new heights in helping people to heal and thrive.

  • The Social and Precision-Medicine Health Equity Research Endeavor (SPHERE) will soon launch a mobile testing clinic to serve as a “one stop shop” to screen members of the local community for diabetes, a leading cause of death in Israel and around the world.
  • Volunteers in the BIU social work department were some of the first faces that the released hostages saw, welcoming them back home from their terrible ordeal and helping with recovery from PTSD and other trauma-related afflictions.
  • The Azrieli Faculty of Medicine together with the Louis and Gabi Weisfeld School of Social Work and the Department of Psychology, launched the “Teddy Bear Hospital” project, which enables children to care for their stuffed animals and express emotions resulting from trauma in a supportive healing environment.

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