Jewish Culture and Identity

Bar-Ilan is the only university combining academic excellence with Jewish heritage, offering a world-class education within a framework centred on Jewish values and civic responsibility.

At Bar-Ilan, Jewish heritage is not just a subject – it’s a way of life. It is this commitment to educate the next generation of Jews in Israel that solidifies the bond between Bar-Ilan and the future of the Jewish people. The goal of this approach is to create Israeli citizens who are increasingly dedicated to the future of the Jewish homeland. Bar-Ilan is committed to educating the next generation of Zionists in Israel.

Through the mandatory Jewish Studies curriculum – the only one of its kind in Israeli universities – Bar-Ilan ensures that every student graduates with a full appreciation of Jewish culture, history, and heritage.

  • BIU has established the Clinic for the Advancement of Equality, which builds a bridge between Israeli legal practice and Jewish tradition by encouraging recognition of the unique values inherent in Jewish law.
  • Bar-Ilan’s Lookstein Center for Jewish Education is a central force in global Jewish education, fusing educational practice and academic research, training thousands of educators around the world.
  • BIU spearheaded a new project that leverages AI to search the entire corpus of medieval Hebrew manuscripts and revolutionize Jewish studies.

“A microcosm of Israeli society, BIU’s diverse student body includes both secular and religious, Jews and non-Jews, new immigrants, and international students and researchers. BIU’s internationally recognized academic faculty and multifaceted administrative staff round off the BIU family.”

“Our students, researchers, and faculty members represent a mosaic of the State of Israel, providing a unique atmosphere for open exchange of ideas and embracing all individuals and opinions.”

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