Human Rights

The fundamental pursuit of human rights is endless. Every day, injustice must be confronted and remedied.  The faculty and students at Bar-Ilan are tireless advocates for those suffering from oppression and persecution.   

Championing and protecting the rights of all people regardless of background is a core objective for Bar-Ilan’s internationally renowned faculties of law, social sciences, and humanities.  The pursuit of social justice in Israel and beyond plays a fundamental role in shaping the programs and resources offered by Bar-Ilan University.

Every day, Bar-Ilan students and faculty help vulnerable community access the legal system through various clinics, which focus on protecting women’s rights, fighting discrimination and bringing attention to the ongoing persecution of at-risk minority groups.

  • Bar-Ilan University’s Faculty of Law established eight legal clinics dedicated to championing human rights and changing unjust legal policies.
  • BIU’s Rackman Center for the Advancement of Women’s Status offers a hotline to support women in divorce proceedings on issues such as child custody, support payments and distribution of property.
  • The University recently submitted a petition to Israel’s High Court of Justice to make education on human rights and democracy mandatory.

“Serving as a bridge between Israel’s diverse sectors, Bar-Ilan University, with its multicultural campus environment, provides a singular forum for free thought and open discussion.”

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