Scientific Innovation

Bar-Ilan combines cutting-edge, multi-disciplinary scientific disciplines with an education steeped in Jewish values to prepare students to meet the challenges of the 21st century. 

A key priority for Bar-Ilan University is a focus on energy security, biotechnology, and robotics, as well as emerging technologies such as cryptography, nanotechnology, and artificial intelligence. In addition to advanced interdisciplinary research, students and faculty are working with the private and public sectors to implement and test new technologies in the real world.

Bar-Ilan is also recruiting the top scientific minds from across the globe to ensure that Israel remains a destination for scientists in crucial fields of study.

Your gift in this important area will accelerate research and drive innovation forward, resulting in the greatest positive impact.

  • BIU’s National Institute for Sustainable Energy combines academia, industry and government to achieve tangible results toward creating workable, applied sustainable energy solutions.
  • Bar-Ilan recently launched the STEM 100 campaign, with the goal of recruiting 100 of the top researchers from the most prestigious institutions in the world.

The University’s Gonda Multidisciplinary Brain Research Center uses advanced technologies to improve human capabilities and heal disease, including the development of a groundbreaking vaccine that has shown great promise for treating Alzheimer’s patients.  

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