Bar-Ilan’s Mission & Background

Bar-Ilan University, founded in 1955, was one of the first comprehensive research universities to be established in Israel. From 70 students to 17,000, its milestone achievements in the sciences and humanities have made an indelible imprint on the character of the State of Israel. BIU maintains eight faculties, four of which focus on STEM research and are active partners in national science and technology initiatives.

BIU’s mission is “Impact Beyond Excellence” and is currently in a vibrant transformational period of creating challenge-driven research centers that embrace practical research designed to change and improve the human experience, adopting innovative instructional methods, intensifying global outreach, and broadening its discourse and dialogue throughout Israel and the world.

We have established this institution of higher learning to contribute to the spiritual and cultural development of the State of Israel, as well as to strengthen that of Diaspora Jewry.


Founding BIU President, in a letter to David Ben-Gurion, 1955

The university’s student body represents a mosaic of the State of Israel and a growing international delegation. BIU’s academic faculty and administrative staff are likewise multi-faceted, providing a unique atmosphere for the open exchange of ideas. Diversity and tolerance are essential at BIU.

BIU provides its students with “wings and roots” – the wings to ‘fly’ academically and scientifically, and roots that offer firm moral and ethical context to all they strive to accomplish. Students formally engage the rich noble heritage of the Jewish people, even as they are encouraged to take part in a vast array of projects that “give back” to vulnerable populations on campus and into the broader community. It is this ability to fuse a reverence for Jewish legacy and heritage with the rigours of academic study that makes Bar-Ilan University like no other.


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