Bar-Ilan’s BESA Center regularly publishes Perspectives Papers, which provide analysis from research associates and other outside experts on the most important issues pertaining to Israel and the Middle East.

Over the past decade, Egypt has positioned itself as a central player in the Eastern Mediterranean’s regional energy cooperation system. Key developments include significant gas discoveries, investments in the energy sector, and the establishment of a regional gas forum in Cairo in 2019. Egypt’s liquefaction facilities in Idku and Damietta, along with gas imports from Israel, bolster its ambitions as a gas export hub, crucial for its energy security and economic stability.

However, Egypt’s energy sector faced challenges in 2023 due to disappointing gas field outputs and exacerbated by the war in Gaza and Houthi attacks, which disrupted the Suez Canal traffic and strained the economy. The war also complicated Egypt’s energy relations with Israel, especially when the Tamar gas field shutdown affected gas supplies.

Despite these issues, the energy trade between Israel and Egypt remains vital for both nations. The European Union’s support and the International Monetary Fund’s agreements are crucial for Egypt’s economic stability. The ongoing regional cooperation, including the regional gas forum’s activities, underscores the importance of maintaining and deepening strategic relations, especially amidst tensions from the Gaza conflict.


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