Building Resilience

Help Break the Bonds of Psychological Slavery

You can help up to 20 people suffering from PTSD and other psychological trauma.

We launched our this important campaign this past Passover because the Passover story is about the liberation from slavery, the Exodus and the restoration of the body and the mind. Today, as then, our Children of Israel, our sisters, and brothers – students, faculty and staff members and their families — on the front and behind the lines, face unspeakable trauma.

Bar-Ilan University Professor Danny Horesh, who has studied trauma for over 20 years, has developed and implements mindfulness strategies to help citizens and soldiers, suffering from grief, trauma and PTSD, free themselves from their psychological slavery.


Through his research with POWs from past conflicts as well as his work with today’s security and combat professionals, Professor Horesh is building wellness through his evidence-based Resilience Therapy Project, a series of group therapy sessions, lasting up to 8 weeks.

Please support Professor Horesh’s efforts to mobilize more teams, and help more Israelis free themselves from psychological bondage.

Every $4,000 raised funds a team to deliver evidence-based resilience strategies, to groups of up to 20 people.

Your gift will support:

  • frontline aid workers who witnessed the carnage of this horrible conflict, and those who helped save the lives of the injured.
  • innocent Israeli civilians whose lives have been torn apart by war.
  • active and retired police officers heal from the wounds they receive in active duty.

Together, we can provide care for those suffering in darkness, to see a future of great light.

Building Resilience Campaign

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There are many areas where your donations are being used. Here are a few areas:

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