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You can help up to 20 people at a time suffering from PTSD and other psychological trauma by supporting our campaign to fund an innovative BIU program.

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Over 5,000 Bar-Ilan students put down their textbooks, computers and lab coats and picked up equipment as they headed to the front lines of conflict.

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Bar-Ilan University is a scientific powerhouse, and Israel’s leader in crucial areas such as renewable and sustainable energy, electrical engineering, and artificial intelligence. Bar-Ilan combines cutting-edge, multi-disciplinary, scientific research with an education steeped in Jewish values.

Bar-Ilan students, alumni, faculty, and staff are making a real impact – not only in Israel but all around the world. Every day, BIU makes academic theory an exciting reality: from converting hydrogen particles into clean energy to developing a compound that disables cancer cells.

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Bar-Ilan University is at the forefront of helping to address these historic challenges. In support of this mission, Bar-Ilan has recently established the Jonathan Sacks Institute.


There are many areas where your donations are being used. Here are a few areas:

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