The ‘100’ Faculty Recruitment Program

To improve its global academic ranking and enhance scientific research on campus, BIU intends to recruit a net total of 100 outstanding STEM researchers over the next 10 years. To be competitive in recruitment efforts, it is imperative to provide cutting-edge laboratories at a projected cost of $1.5 million per new faculty member, or $150 million in total.

This is the first time that an Israeli academic institution has announced a campaign on this scale to bring back scientists.


Bar-Ilan University aims to bring home 150 researchers

The university plans to fund the estimated $150 million cost of the program from its own resources.

Bar-Ilan University and ScienceAbroad, the organization of Israeli scientists living overseas, have announced that Bar-Ilan University is planning to hire 150 new scientists in the exact sciences and engineering in the next decade. Bar-Ilan President Prof. Arie Zaban is leading the plan together with Vice-President for Research Prof. Shulamit Michaeli. Bar-Ilan University currently has 700 senior researchers, so the plan means a significant increase in staff. Read more.



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