Help us build our new Computer Science Building

It is integral to keeping Israel safe and on
the cutting edge of future technology.


Nimrod was a high-tech professional, working at a senior position at Microsoft Israel. He cherished Israel and its values of camaraderie, always looking for ways to help his friends, fellow soldiers, and others. He was also a lover of nature and spent much time exploring Israel’s spectacular panoramas.

On August 9, 2006, while providing cover for tractors as they dug a new road in the south of Lebanon, Nimrod’s tank was hit by an IED and an anti-tank missile. Nimrod was 28 years old and left behind a wife and son.

In 2010, in Nimrod’s memory, an anonymous Canadian Jewish donor gave $250,000 toward the construction of Nimrod’s Lookout, a scenic vantage point in the Rosh-Pina area, which overlooks a breathtaking vista.


Now, the Canadian Friends of Bar-Ilan University is dedicating a lecture room in its new Computer Sciences Building in honour of Nimrod Segev’s memory. Nimrod’s story is not unique. Rather, it speaks for the countless tragic losses faced by Israel, and the heartache felt by Jews everywhere.

The lecture room and the new Computer Science Building will allow Israel’s top Computer Science Department at Bar-Ilan to continue its cutting-edge research in fields such as cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and many more, to fortify the security of Israel and the free world.

Hezi wanted to commemorate Nimrod by making Nimrod’s favorite place, where he used to come with his wife and son, and the views from there, accessible to the public. It took him four years to raise funds and build the memorial, which is now freely open to the public.

Nimrod told me before he went to the war that he would die in his tank, and we would have a funeral with an empty coffin, and this is exactly what happened.


HEZI SEGEV – Nimrod’s father.


Help us build our new Alexander Grass Computer Science Building at Bar-Ilan University with a room named for Nimrod.


The Computer Science Department at Bar-Ilan University is one of Israel’s best and is considered a world leader in areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Cyber Security and Natural Language Processing. It is integral to keeping Israel safe and on the cutting edge of future technology.

The time has come to provide this world-class department with a home befitting of such scientific excellence. The new Alexander Grass Computer Science Building will, at last, give a home to Bar-Ilan’s computer science department – now and for years to come.


The most crucial keeper of information is the computer, and it is in the fast-moving field of computer science that Bar-Ilan researchers are making their mark.

BIU faculty members are primed to plan the most important conferences in computer science, to work and edit leading journal articles, and develop technologies for autonomous robots to patrol and defend Israel’s borders. Computer science is a dynamic realm which is why the faculty recruited are from the top institutions: MIT, Harvard, NASA and Bell Labs.

The growing reputation for excellence in both applied and theoretical research has also brought BIU mention in ARWU (Academic Ranking of World Universities) to be known as one of the top one hundred best Computer Science departments.

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