How Bar-Ilan University Is Turning Brain Drain Into Brain Gain


Did you know that Israeli’s with PhDs are 10 times more likely to live broad than in Israel?

Did you know that over 2000 Israeli researchers are currently working overseas, around the world? This is a very amount of Israeli brain-power that is away from the country.

Bar-Ilan University is proud to have launched a campaign to absorb and bring back over 100 Israeli scientists within the next 10 years.

When these Israeli scientists return, they bring with them the valuable knowledge and skills gained in prestigious fellowships and top high-tech companies around the world.

One of the goals set by Prof. Arie Zaban, the President of Bar-Ilan University, is to further develop the fields of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math & Medicine), and one of the ways this will be done is through re-absorption of scientists abroad, faculty expansion, new labs and upcoming retirements.

The mission is going extremely well, so far. In the academic year of 2018-2019, Bar-Ilan University absorbed 10 brilliant scientists who will certainly help the University raise its international ranking.

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