Supporting Bar-Ilan University equates to supporting Israel’s future. Israel’s only natural resource is its Human Resource. A gift to Bar-Ilan will ensure that the children of Israel will have the tools they need to achieve academic excellence in the fields of science, business, the humanities and Jewish studies. The future and security of the State of Israel rests with Israeli youth who put their lives on the line day after day for our nation. Your generosity will directly help them realize their dreams and will realize the continued dream of our Jewish Homeland.

Bar-Ilan University offers its students a choice of over 6,000 courses across 45 departments, including Exact Sciences, Life Sciences, Humanities, Social Studies, Law and Jewish Studies. The University maintains international academic cooperation with 54 universities from around the world, enhancing its research and gaining world-wide recognition, and is a leader in areas of Nanotechnology, Brain Research and Archaeology.

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