World Zionist Organization’s Groundbreaking Women

*Bar-Ilan University Rector, Prof. Miriam Faust, named one of the World Zionist Organization’s Groundbreaking Women*

“120 Years of Zionism”, a new exhibit in Ben Gurion airport’s main terminal, presented by the World Zionist Organization, marks 120 years since the Zionist Congress was established in 1897.

The largest of its kind ever displayed in Ben Gurion Airport, the exhibit stretches for more than 400 feet, reminding those departing Israel of the Zionist legacy and encouraging them to carry Israel’s story with them wherever they go.

One of the display’s panels presents exceptional, pioneering women who have broken the glass ceiling and achieved great strides in their fields. Among them, and right next to Golda Meir, is Prof. Miriam Faust, Rector of Bar-Ilan University.

Faust says one of her main goals as Rector is promoting excellence in research and teaching at the university. “My mission as Rector is to provide researchers and students with the best academic conditions so they can make the most use of their abilities; The role of a public university is to advance science, generate new knowledge and convey it to its students and to the entire science community.”